Herbal Visions, LLC

Northwest Arkansas

About Carla
After 20 years living the fast paced life serving the U.S. Navy, I started work at an Arkansas State Park. Ahhh, the "good life"! Working at a park truly has its rewards. It was the employees, volunteers and experiences at the park where I found a sincere appreciation for nature. Soon afterwards, I started my journey dedicated to learning herbs and natural vision improvement techniques. Now, I proudly share that knowledge to help others.

Why herbs?
After decades of strictly following the food pyramid and sick-prevention guidelines (under the name of vaccines) set forth by our government-ran institutions, I found myself on a slow downwards path in overall health. I was following in the footsteps of many elders, watching and accepting all of the symptoms of old age. My vision was getting worse, yet every year I happily invitied a stronger prescription for my eyes to endure. But why? It was obvious that others in my age group were healthier. How did they stay healthy?  I knew that it was time for a change, a forever lifestyle change that would require a new outlook on 'food'. But how? By adding herbs, the foods directly provided by Mother Nature, along with a complete rewrite of the food pyramid. Herbs, not weeds, which are nothing more than something growing where you don't want it to (most grasses, in my opinion). Within a year, what a difference! As time passed, I was able to feel younger, more energized, and live inflammation free. Herbs & spices are great food-sources that your body can easily recognize and digest. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, all we have to do is give our bodies what they need. Health improvements can be as simple as providing our bodies proper nutrition, so the body can do what it needs to. Sometimes, concentrated forms of herbs, under the care of a Holistic Healthcare Provider, is needed. Simply put, a good diet is the same as healthcare, which is different from our hospitals that provide only sickcare. Improved health the natural way, it works.

Why natural vision improvement?
I was prescribed my first pair of glasses at the young age of 8 years...a
nd of course, stronger prescriptions annually after that. Have you ever known anyone that was given a lesser prescription? In 2003, I had Lasik. In 2013, I was once again in contacts lenses. While researching the possibilites of more corrective surgery, I stumbled upon the Dr. William H. Bates Methods of natural vision improvement techniques. It took me a while to believe it was possible. However, I knew my options....so I opted to study these techniques. I was able to improve my own vision enough to say good-bye to the contacts. I later hired a teacher, obtained a professional certification, and received advanced training. My eyesight had improved so that I was able to pass a driver's license vision test without corrective assistance. Combined, my eyesight is 20/20. Vision improvement is possible.

In summary
Herbs and vision improvement techniques were successfully used by generations of people before us. Healthcare is simply not as profitable as sickcare. Proper nutrition and natural vision techniques are indeed, a great combination!

Educational background
Master Herbalist Diploma
Certified Natural Vision Improvement Teacher, Better Eyesight Now
Advanced Training in Traditional Bates Methods, Visions of Joy
Bachelor of Science
Masters of Business Administraton

I can be reached via the contact page on this website, email, phone/text.

I will consider house calls in the northwest Arkansas area or we can meet online via Zoom.us.