Traditional Bates Methods teacher adhere to the writings of DR. WILLIAM H. BATES, PERFECT SIGHT WITHOUT GLASSES. A copy of this book was selected for inclusion in the Crypt of Civilization at Oglethorpe University near Atlanta, Georgia. Why? Because it has been demonstrated in thousands of cases that all abnormal action of the external muscles of the eyeball is accompanied by a strain or effort to see. 

With the relief of this strain or effort to see, the action of the muscles become normal and all errors of refraction disappear. 

It has also been demonstrated that for every error of refraction, there is a different kind of strain. Primarily, the strain to see is a strain of the mind. It is easy to believe that as our civilization advances, our civilized minds are under a heavier influence of continual strain, and there are more things to worry about.

To see clearly without glasses is to get rid of the mental strain which underlies the imperfect functioning of the eye, which can be done during waking hours at work regardless of the work being performed. Find correct habits of thought that bring about relaxation. 

Most all persons are able to relax under certain conditions, at will, when practicing Bates Methods properly. In all uncomplicated errors of refraction the strain can be relieved, temporarily. To obtain permanent relaxation sometimes requires considerable time and much ingenuity. Simply learning the methods and finding what relaxation method(s) works for you can be done. Are you ready to see clearly!

Dr. BATES frequently wrote on people whom had extraordinary abilities to find relaxation in their minds in a short amount of time, even after wearing glasses for years, or even decades. The fact is that when the mind is at rest nothing can tire the eyes, and when the mind is under a strain nothing can rest them. ​​​​Anything that rests the mind will benefit the eyes. An example is reading a novel can be relaxing, however reading for an exam can be tiring for the eyes. The time required to effect permanent clarity varies greatly with different individuals, although the error of refraction may be no greater nor of longer duration. 

Persons of all ages can benefit by these methods. If a person has to continue wearing glasses during work, can benefit from these methods. It is important to realize that glasses will recreate the strain required to see clearly with the prescribed glasses, therefore it is necessary to acknowledge there will be a delay in finding permanent relaxation. The ability to accept some level of blur while finding muscle relaxation is the only way to progress on a path of relaxation. One crutch that may be helpful is pinhole glasses, however do listen to your eyes when wearing them. 

Most persons can think or do something relaxing to the eyes, while moving forward in the day or working hours. The use of muscles does not necessarily produce fatigue. Many birds support themselves upon one foot during sleep, the toes tightly clasped and the muscles remaining unfatigued. The eyes merely receive the light and the mind takes the image to see. The eye muscles used incorrectly and with strain creates visual refractive errors because those muscles can change the shape of the eye...which can change back to a normal shaped globe with release of tension on those muscles.  Eyes that see clearly with glasses are holding strain in order to see clearly. That constant strain only worsens tension. 

1. My eyes feel relaxed, so why do you say they are strained? Strain is mostly acquired very slowly, so that it easily becomes an accepted part of life. Once you relieve any part of any muscle strain, you will immediately notice the wonderful relaxation that just happened. If the muscle strains again, you will notice it and know how to relax it again. 

2. Are my eyes relaxing when I sleep? During sleep the refractive condition of the eye is rarely, if ever, normal. Sadly, the slow constant build up of strain can hold tight even while sleeping. Performing a Bates Method technique prior to going to sleep can be helpful.

3. Will I have time to practice? You are using your eyes during waking hours, why not use them correctly! 

4. How long will it take? It is different for each person. Eye strain is just as unique as the individual. The ability to relax is unique to each individual. Peculiarities of the mind are unique. 

5. How do I stay motivated? Hang on to each temporary flash of improvement. Each flash is one step forward to permanent relaxation. 

6. Take off my glasses, but then I can't see?! Glasses hold onto the strain created to seel clearly with them. Some level of discomfort and acceptance of blur will eventually allow the eyes to relax if you complete relaxation techniques correctly. 

7. Why don't you have methods listed on your website? Using Bates Method techniques with self-guided lessons can be done correctly, and incorrectly.